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Hardwood Floors Species ,Types , Benefits And Disservices

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Wood floors are lovely, dependable, and settle on an exquisite decision for most rooms in your home. Alongside being lovely and dependable, hardwood floors are harmless to the ecosystem as well. Hardwoods are a characteristic asset, inexhaustible, and recyclable. It is uncommon that this kind of floor needs supplanting and it add a great many dollars to the worth to a home. This is the explanation numerous property holders indicate this sort of deck in their homes.

Hardwood floors species and types

Hardwood floors are accessible in various species (more than 50), both homegrown and fascinating. Every wood species has various upsides of solidarity, characteristics, properties, and shading. The most mainstream models incorporate Debris, Bamboo (intriguing hardwood flooring), Fir, Maple, Oak, Birch, and Pine (Birch and Pine are all the more a softwood type). With such countless decisions, it is significant that you research however much as could be expected preceding settling on a ultimate conclusion on your decision of hardwood.

You can break Hardwood flooring into two essential classifications, strong and designed.

Strong hardwood floors are three quarter of an inch (3/4″) thick and strong bits of wood cut into boards. Strong wood floors are appropriate for establishment over sub-floors over the ground level. Try not to utilize strong hardwood flooring over substantial pieces. Hardwood floors introduced straight over substantial will assimilate dampness from the substantial chunk, and the sheets will enlarge and cup.

Designed hardwood floors comprise of a few layers of wood that are stuck and overlaid to shape a board. In contrast to strong hardwoods, designed boards range in thickness of one quarter inch (1/4″) to around one half inch (1/2″). These floors are reasonable for establishment pretty much anyplace in your home including over substantial chunk.


Hardwood floors are solid, extreme, and profoundly shock safe. They more moderate than conventional covering when contrasted with the existence of the floor. You need to supplant cover inside a couple of long periods of establishment though hardwood ground surface might last a very long time with little mileage. Hardwood floors don’t trap unfortunate allergens and residue as do covering. For those oversensitive to dust, pet dander, dust parasites, and other residue particles, then, at that point hardwood flooring is the most ideal decision for you. To wrap things up, it expands your homes esteem.


Wood flooring has numerous limits because of the regular qualities of wood. Development and withdrawal of wood from dampness and temperature change puts numerous dimensional limitations on strong wood floors. Hardwood floors are appealing and tough, however they can color and scratch effectively if not focused on as expected. They do require cautious support and cleaning. Utilizing some unacceptable cleaner on a hardwood floor could finish or stain the wood unrecoverable.

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